Are you aiming to strengthen all the links in your chains and do you prefer to work with only a handful of competent suppliers? J&J Contracting specializes in project management, consultancy and secondment in all major disciplines within the Oil & Gas and Power related industries.

Are you a specialist and do you like working for a specialist? An employer who appreciates your qualities and understands the challenges you face? That employer is J&J Contracting. We concentrate strongly on Oil & Gas and Power related industries. The four core disciplines of J&J Contracting are:

Every day engineers and designers, selected from J&J network of highly qualified professionals, work on projects for J&J Contracting! The experience, knowledge and expertise of these professionals range from front end, conceptual, and basic to detailed engineering. J&J Contracting’s team of specialized consultants unfailingly selects the most suitable specialists for projects and job positions. Click here for our vacancies.

Project coordination
Our specialized consultants consistently select the best candidates for new projects and job vacancies. They can choose from our reliable and clear-thinking professionals who work in disciplines related to project coordination. Click here for our vacancies.

Construction & Maintenance
No one responds better to your need for project support than our specialist Construction & Maintenance consultants. They select the best candidates from our network. Click here for our vacancies.

Offshore & Marine
J&J Contracting’s experienced teams prepare, monitor, coordinate and manage increasingly more projects and activities in Offshore & Marine. And with success! Click here for our vacancies.

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