Our customers are required and require third parties to meet increasingly higher Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) standards within the (process) industry. HSE-related laws and regulations are continuously undergoing development. From experience we know that J&J customers recognize the importance of a sound HSE policy and that they assign high priority to HSE. Actual practice shows that in terms of capacity and laws and regulations, they regularly require support. Do you also require support in complying with HSE policy and/or keeping pace with changing laws and regulations? J&J is the largest supplier of Safety Teams and Safety Professionals. J&J Safety Professionals, such as Safety Managers, certified Senior Safety Advisors and Intermediate Safety Advisors 2 have made a major contribution to the safe implementation of projects over the years. The knowledge of our professionals is safeguarded and shared through means of an up-to-date knowledge management system. As a result, J&J professionals always have access to the most up-to-date best practices.

Document Control
Document Control is an important component of a project throughout its entire execution. J&J Contracting offers far-reaching support in this respect. Our Document Control Solutions are founded in years of specialized knowledge and experience and enable us to offer our customers the following services:
• Consultancy and advice on the basis of analyses and procedures
• Document Control on the basis of J&J’s own system or on the basis of our customer’s system
• Data Management through means of monitoring, control and where necessary making adjustments
• System Implementation
• Continuity of knowledge by making specialists and training available

Inspection (QA/QC)
Environmental and safety standards require regular inspections of many equipment and process components. In addition, actual practice shows that suppliers must be subjected to regular inspections. J&J has inspection teams that can carry out the necessary activities for these inspections. These certified Quality Inspectors are used for various projects, Onshore as well as Offshore. The inspection teams are used for Vendor Inspections, Plant and Welding Inspections, and for the coordination and management of activities. Our inspectors have the following, non-exclusive, certifications:
• VT2 Visual Weld Inspection
• SKK IKT 2/3
• API 653 / EEMUA 159

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