Why opt for J&J Contracting?

Your partner in project management, consultancy and secondment
If you have trouble finding technical support for your company or project and if you want to do business with a true specialist, J&J Contracting is your best choice as a partner for all project management, consultancy and secondment matters. With J&J Contracting as a partner, you are assured of experienced professionals with specific expertise and a passion for (process) technology. Your business processes are secured and you will always receive the support you need. Whenever and wherever you wish.

All disciplines in Oil, Gas and Power
Do you prefer to do business with only a handful of competent suppliers? Or a one-stop shop that provides solutions to all your project challenges? Our J&J specialists can assist you within all disciplines in:
• Engineering
• Project Coordination
• Construction & Maintenance
• Offshore & Marine

Quality, speed and reliability
You operate in a world in which developments and changes are the order of the day. What is true today may be different tomorrow. So you want to be able to respond promptly. In J&J Contracting you will find a partner who stands for quality, speed and reliability. Your wish is our command. That’s a promise.

Managing by discipline and content
Competent specialists with the required experience and technical skills are far and few between. Perhaps this problem is a daily challenge for you within your (project) organization. When you team up with J&J Contracting you work with a partner who intentionally manages by discipline and content. Our consultants, all experienced and knowledgeable in specific disciplines, will help you find fitting project solutions.

Always the right solution
Reliability, commitment and a resolute approach – that’s what you want when it comes to capacity and knowledge. Our professionals are only too pleased to assist you in your projects. Whether you need individual senior level, intermediate level or junior level specialists or a team boasting the ideal mix of knowledge and experience, you can count on the right person or the right people in the right place. And for the right fee. J&J Contracting always provides the exact solution you need.

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